Anti-Paul Thurrott

I hate Prius drivers and Whole Foods shoppers.

Posted in Uncategorized by admin on June 1, 2010

I, Paul Thurrott, on, say:

The iPad is a new type of computing device, just as Apple claimed. It offers a premium user experience for certain kinds of tasks only, and comes with a premium price to match. It is aimed at those consumers who wish to send a message to others, much like Prius drivers or Whole Foods shoppers.

Because let’s face it: nobody likes these guys. These are the sort of iPad owning, iMac operating, Microsoft hating hipsters I can’t stand. These are the type of people that look to aid the environment, these are the type of people who care about the crap that they put into their bodies. These are the type of motherfuckers who like to help the little guys and truly believe that, sometimes, they can produce some extraordinary products and the type of people who ignore the hard, cold truth: that the big guys are big for a reason, because they know what’s best.

Stick to your Prius and Whole Foods, and I’ll stick to my Hummer and McDonalds.


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